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The TicketWARRRIOR online ticketing solution is now closed.
The team is still available…see bottom of this page for details.


Lost/Missing Tickets?

Check your spam folder, your tickets will have been emailed to you when you purchased from - if not the event organiser will have your name at the door however if you’re worried just email for help.

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We’re still here just email and we’ll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

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Why We’re Closing

It’s been a difficult decision, but after several years of helping local events have a simple and affordable way to run sell tickets online we’ve decided to close. The team is now focused on other digital marketing and software projects. If you’d like your own ticketing solution or event website we’d love to hear from you. Email if you’re budget is £1,500+

Thanks for your business over the years,

~ The Ticket Warriors